Canford Cliffs

9 Haven Road, Canford Cliffs, BH13 7LE
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7am - 3pm, Sat, Sun 8am - 3pm

Less Than a Mile From The Beach

With outside seating in our south-facing decked garden, with a covered area and comfy sofa's, you can be sure of a warm reception. Hugely popular with beach users as the beach is a short stroll away - it attracts a wide range of folk and is always ‘interesting’. The best coffee shop as you head to Sandbanks, you simply must stop here for your fix before hitting the beach. Ample free parking in the side roads and a huge car park 50 yards away.

Brewing on a trusty Marzocco PB5 with mythos and Mazzer E grinders alongside. Don’t worry - your coffee's on it's way shortly, with each one as good as the last.. we never compromise on quality.. however busy we are. ever.

About Us

the coffee saloon

Everything we do is focused around serving exceptional coffee, every single time. Our beans, our roasting, the grinding and our espresso extraction. This, coupled with our experienced baristas, gives you an exceptional coffee, prepared each time just for you, exactly how you like it.

We have made our Saloon welcoming and inviting; we encourage conversation, community and make little people and our four legged friends equally as welcome (free dog treats).

Free WiFi is available so you can even bring your laptop and work from here!

Our coffee, speciality teas, smoothies and our delicious foods are the reason you’ll come time and time again. Our staff and our customers just make that even more enjoyable.